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For those of us who experience anxiety, the thought of attending an in-person course – even a course on something like mindfulness – can itself feel overwhelming.

This two week audio and video course is designed for those who struggle with anxiety. Delivered by a facilitator who herself experienced debilitating anxiety for many years, she describes how a return to gentle body-based awareness can help to restore an overwhelmed nervous system.

The course includes 8 x 10-minute teachings available in video or audio format, as well as recorded practices for you to listen to in your own timing,  plus access to monthly live facilitated drop-in sessions where you will share a practice with other participants of courses run by The Heart Movement and have the opportunity to ask questions and gain support from an experienced facilitator.

You will also gain access to a dedicated group on The Heart Movement App in which you can chat with other participants and facilitators, ask questions, and share inspiration and resources.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Week 1

    • 1. A Body-Based Mindfulness Approach

    • 2. Finding A Place of Ease in the Body

    • 3. Finding Balance in the Body

    • Practice: Exploring Movement

    • Practice: Conscious Resting

    • 4. Noticing Feeling

    • Practice: Noticing Feeling

  • 3

    Week 2

    • 5. Allowing Feeling

    • Practice: Allowing Feeling

    • 6. Relating to Thinking

    • Practice: Relating with Thinking

    • 7. Taking Care of Feeling

    • Practice: Mindfulness of Feeling

    • 8. A Diet for the Anxious Soul

    • Reflective Exercise 1: Depleting or Nourishing?

    • Reflective Exercise 2: Questions to Explore Experience

  • 4

    Course Completion

    • A message from the Heart Movement team...

    • Suggested Resources

Facilitated by

Training Director

Lyndsay Lunan

Lyndsay has taught both at Glasgow University and in Further Education, where she created acclaimed mindfulness programmes for staff and students. She was later director of programme development and lead trainer at Youth Mindfulness. Lyndsay believes that the world we create begins with a state of mind.


  • I have already registered for this course, how do I find the course content?

    * First of all, check that you are signed in - to do this check the top right-hand corner of the screen and if you are signed in you will see your username in the top bar. Once you are signed in: scroll to the top of this screen and on the top photo banner you should see a button 'Resume Course'. Click this button and it will take you to the course content.

  • I already have a Heart Movement App account, is this different?

    Yes, you are required to create a different account from the App to log in to our Courses. If you already have a Course Portal Account with us, remember this may be different log-in details.

  • How do I download the app?

    You can read more about the App and find links to download it here:

  • Where do I find the group chat?

    When on the app click on the hamburger sign and select 'One feed'. When you are here you will then see a selection of groups along the top of the screen. Scroll to the right until you find the group called 'Bringing Mindfulness to Anxiety' and you are there!! N.B You may need to request access to the group.

  • When are the live drop-in sessions and how do I join them?

    The live drop-in sessions will run in the 1st week of every month. Find out when they are by going to the Events page on the app. Here there will also be information about how to join each session.

  • Do I get 'lifetime' access?

    Yes, you will have lifetime access to the course.