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In this course, over a series of twelve audio talks from the facilitators of The Heart Movement, we introduce you to the three foundational practices that underpin heart-based living. The practice of mindfulness, the practice of listening spaces and the practices of heart intelligence. We supplement these talks with a range of guided audio and video practices.

From these three foundations, the course widens out to explore four ‘keys to the heart’; 1. stopping and resting, 2. happiness, 3. our relationship with difficulty and 4. connection. Each holds a doorway to a deeper, more heartful relationship with ourselves and with our world. 

The complete audio course includes:

  • 12 audio talks totaling over 6 hours of learning.
  • A folder of course resources to help you in your practice of heart-based living including video resources for mindful movement and over 12 different guided audio heart intelligence and mindfulness practices
  • A suggested schedule for those who choose to follow the course in an immersive programme of learning and practice.
  • Monthly live facilitated beginner drop-in sessions where you will share a practise with other participants of courses run by The Heart Movement and have the opportunity to ask questions and gain support from an experienced facilitator.
  • A course-specific group chat on the Heart Movement App to share experiences and reflections with other course participants and gain support from an experienced facilitator.
  • A 6-page post-course resources booklet with on-going focuses for reflection, reading, practice, and learning around the key themes of the course.
  • An open invitation to The Heart Movement app, where the learning and reflection continues as part of a live, in-person facilitated and participative community. 

The course is both for beginners and those interested in exploring further the underlying principles, science, and practical applications of these foundations - we hope there is much here for you to learn and explore! 

Course curriculum

  • 2

    The Foundation of Mindfulness & The 1st Key: Stopping & Resting

    • Mindfulness - The Key of Stopping (Talk 2)

    • The Science of Mindfulness (Talk 3)

    • Suggested Resources: Mindfulness, Stopping & Resting

  • 3

    The Foundation of Listening

    • Listening to Self, Listening to Others (Talk 4)

    • The Form of a 'Listening Space' (Talk 5)

    • Suggested Resource: Listening Self, Listening to Others

  • 4

    The Foundation of Heart Intelligence

    • Heart Intelligence (Talk 6 part 1)

    • HRV Supplemental (Talk 6 part 2)

    • Suggested Resources: Heart Intelligence

  • 5

    The 2nd Key: Happiness

    • A Model of Mind (Talk 7)

    • Happiness (Talk 8)

    • An Introduction to Creative Spaces (Talk 9)

    • Suggested Resources: Happiness & Creative Spaces

  • 6

    The 3rd Key: Embracing Difficulty - Taking care of Difficulty

    • Taking care of Difficulty (Talk 10 part 1)

    • Self Compassion (Talk 10 part 2)

    • Suggested Resources: Taking Care of Difficulty & Self Compassion

  • 7

    The 4th Key: Connection

    • Connection (Talk 11)

    • Suggested Resources: Connection

  • 8

    Closing Reflections

    • The Closing (Talk 12)

    • Suggested Resource: Closing

  • 9


    • Suggested Schedule.pdf

    • Post-course resources booklet

    • 1a) Mindful Movement with Kareem

    • 1b) Mindful Movements with Michael

    • 1c) Daily Life Practice: Mindfulness of Eating with Lyndsay (12mins)

    • 1d) Daily Life Practice: Slowing Down and Walking Mindfully with Michael (5mins)

    • 1e) Daily Life Practice: Washing the Dishes with Michael (10mins)

    • 1f) Guided Mindfulness: Inviting Stillness with Tamsin (17mins)

    • 1g) Guided Mindfulness: Breath as an Anchor with Tamsin (18mins)

    • 1h) Guided Mindfulness: Body Scan - Lyndsay (29mins)

    • 1i) Guided Mindfulness: Practice of Conscious Resting: Rest, Release, Renew with Lorna (32mins)

    • 1j) Healing Is Possible Through Resting by Thich Nhat Hanh

    • 2a) Heart Intelligence: Practice 1 Quick Coherence Technique with Natasha (11mins)

    • 2b) Heart Intelligence: Practice 2 Inner Ease Technique with Natasha (10mins)

    • 2c) Heart Intelligence: Practice 3 Freeze Frame Technique with Natasha (14mins)

    • 3a) Happiness: Nourishing Happiness with Veronica (18mins)

    • 3b) Happiness: Nourishing Happiness- the Joy of practice with Kareem (14mins)

    • 3c) Creative Spaces

    • 4a) Difficulty: Mindfulness of Feelings with Lyndsay (21mins)

    • 4b) Difficulty: Taking care of Difficult Emotions with Veronica (18mins)

    • 4c) Self Compassion with Tamsin (17mins)

    • 5a) Connection: 5 Elements Resting Practice with Lyndsay (49mins)

Meet the Facilitators

Lyndsay Lunan -Training Director

Lyndsay has taught both at Glasgow University and in Further Education, where she created acclaimed mindfulness programmes for staff and students. She was later director of programme development and lead trainer at Youth Mindfulness. Lyndsay believes that the world we create begins with a state of mind.

Susie Hooper -Heart Movement Ambassador

Susie was introduced to mindfulness through her work with men who have committed sexual offenses. She quickly realised how beneficial a regular practice was, enabling her to experience her emotions more deeply and be kinder to herself. Through her mindfulness practice, she almost never listens to the internal critic anymore! She loves teaching mindfulness in her local community in Central Scotland, and also online. 

Natasha Dilley -Heart Movement Ambassador

Natasha joined the Royal Air Force in 2006 and currently facilitates courses in Neuro-Linguistic Progamming (NLP), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), and Trauma management. Her passion for Mindfulness came to the fore following injury; an experience that led her to study neurology, specialising in acquired brain injury. Natasha is a Licensed HeartMath Coach, NLP Trainer, Hypnosis Trainer, ASIST Suicide Prevention Coach, and a Learning Difficulties Advisor. She recently qualified as a Sound Therapist and is exploring the benefits of sound in Mindfulness Practice.

Veronica Ellis -Heart Movement Ambassador

Veronica's background is in teaching young offenders and children with Special Educational Needs. She is the founder and director of Mindfulness Connected Learning and has created mindfulness programmes for parents and for people suffering from stress in the workplace. She taught mindfulness to both adults and children and has also created mindfulness courses for children with ADHD. She is committed to creating safe spaces so that mindfulness can be easily explored by individuals and groups.

This course is facilitated by the experienced Heart Movement facilitator team. You will find many voices on this course, above are some of the principal facilitators. You can find the bios of other voices you hear on our website here.


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  • When are the live drop-in sessions and how do I join them?

    The live drop-in sessions will run in the 1st week of every month. Find out when they are by going to the Events page on the app. Here there will also be information about how to join each session.

  • Do I get 'lifetime' access?

    Yes, you will have lifetime access to the course.

  • I have a question or need technical support who do I contact?

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