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Listening to the experience of others has formed an important part of human history and the creation of organised societies.  We believe it is still as relevant in today’s world, perhaps now more than ever.


In this course we’ll explain why really listening to others and being heard is vital for our wellbeing and how it can help us to connect better with ourselves, our communities, and our loved ones.


We’ll outline what happens in the Heart Movement’s ‘Listening Spaces’, what you can expect if you come along to one, and some of the skills you might be practicing whilst taking part.


Joining a Listening Space, potentially with people you don’t know, may seem daunting and you might wonder why you would do it.  We also share with you the benefits of listening in this specific form – both in the immediate moment and in a deeper, lifelong way.


We hope this short course will give you all of the information you need to inspire you to attend one of our Listening Space events, and to explore how the skills of listening and speaking mindfully can impact in all areas of your daily life.


The course includes 7 x short audio teachings (approx. 10 mins), additional, optional resources for you to explore plus we invite you to join us in our monthly Mindful Listening Spaces (check the Events Page on the app for dates). You will also have access to monthly live facilitated mindfulness drop-in sessions where you will share a practice with other participants of courses run by The Heart Movement and have the opportunity to ask questions and gain support from an experienced facilitator.  

All this, as well as access to a dedicated group on The Heart Movement App in which you can chat with other participants, ask questions, and share inspiration and resources.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to 'An Introduction to Listening Spaces' Shout Course

    • Introduction: What is a Listening Space?

    • Meet the Facilitator: Tamsin

    • Meet the Facilitator: Veronica

    • Meet the Facilitator: Susie

  • 2

    The Course

    • 1. The Story of Listening Spaces

    • 2. The Benefits of Listening Spaces

    • 3. What a 'Listening Space' looks like

    • 4. How to Listen Mindfully

    • 5. How to Speak Mindfully

    • 6. Deepening the Benefits

    • 7. The Relevance of Listening Spaces in Everyday Life

    • 8. Closing Words

  • 3

    Course Completion

    • A message from the Heart Movement team...

    • Resources & Inspiration

Facilitated by

Heart Movement Ambassador

Veronica Ellis

Veronica's background is in teaching young offenders and children with Special Educational Needs. She is the founder and director of Mindfulness Connected Learning and has created mindfulness programmes for parents and for people suffering from stress in the workplace. She teached mindulfulness to both adults and children and has also created a mindfulness coures for children with ADHD. She is committed to creating safe spaces so that mindfulness can be easily explored by individuals and groups.

Heart Movement Ambassador

Susie Hooper

Susie was introduced to mindfulness through her work with men who have committed sexual offences. She quickly realised how beneficial a regular practice was, enabling her to experience her emotions more deeply and to be kinder to herself. Through her mindfulness practice she almost never listens to the internal critic anymore! She loves teaching mindfulness is her local community in Central Scotland, and also online.

Community Director & Ambassador

Tamsin Chambers

Executive coach, recovering perfectionist & enthusiastic mindfulness advocate. Firm believer that the mind is a wonderful tool that just needs a How To manual. I help individuals and teams, often in a corporate setting, to discover ways to support, develop and motivate themselves.


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  • When are the live drop-in sessions and how do I join them?

    The live drop-in sessions will run in the 1st week of every month. Find out when they are by going to the Events page on the app. Here there will also be information about how to join each session.

  • Do I get 'lifetime' access?

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